COURT APPROVAL (Final) The Court approves the settlement as of September 23rd 2019.

Execution of the Settlement Agreement

Class action lawsuit regarding the labelling of Big Packs of fresh meat sold at Maxi and Maxi & Cie stores in the Province of Québec On August 19th 2019, the Quebec Superior Court pre-approved a settlement agreement in the Class Action proceedings instituted against Loblaws Inc. (“Loblaws”) and Provigo Distribution Inc. (“Provigo”) regarding information contained on the label for Big Packs of fresh meat sold at Maxi and Maxi & Cie (“Maxi”) stores in the province of Québec between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2017. Rectified Judgement Settlement Agreement – Maxi The settlement agreement was concluded by Loblaws and Provigo without any admission of liability or damages whatsoever and for the sole purpose of avoiding further judicial proceedings and costs; A $2.00 flat rate discount will be applied to all Admissible Purchases of fresh meat made from October 12th, 2019,  («EXECUTION DATE») until the end of the distribution of the Net Indemnity (as defined herein below) agreed upon according to the settlement. What was the class action lawsuit about? On June 1 2017, Patrick Gosselin instituted class action proceedings against Loblaws and Provigo raising claims regarding the discounts advertised for the Big Pack items of fresh meat (“Big Pack Items”) sold at various Maxi stores in the Province of Quebec between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2017. More specifically, Plaintiff claimed that, although it was advertised that customers saved 25% on the regular price when purchasing Big Pack Items compared to regular packages of an equivalent product, the prices posted on some of the Big Pack Items were allegedly false or misleading. Am I eligible for the discount? You are eligible if you meet all the following conditions:
  • You purchase admissible packs of fresh meat as of the date of the execution of the settlement.
  • Your purchase is made at a Maxi stores in the Province of Québec.
What is the settlement amount? The overall settlement payment is $ 2,262,000.00 plus additional costs. An amount of $650 183.63 (taxes included) will be paid to Class Counsel pursuant to a judgment to be rendered by the Quebec Superior Court on September 23rd, 2019. The remaining amount of $ 1 598 094.37 will be distributed among Maxi store customers who make admissible purchases (the “Net Indemnity”). Which purchases are admissible for the discount? Any purchase of fresh meat product bearing the codes (Club Pack): – M033103: fresh beef – M033104: Fresh lamb/veal/sausage – M033107: Fresh pork – M033108: Fresh poultry made from EXECUTION DATE until the end of the distribution of the Net Indemnity. When and how will the flat rate discount be applied to my purchase(s)? You will see a $2.00 discount on your grocery invoice appear automatically upon making one or more admissible purchase(s) and a statement will appear on the same invoice regarding the discount. Exclusion If you wish to exclude yourself from this class action, you must fill in this exclusion form and return it in the specified delays. The terms and conditions stipulated in the Agreement supersede the content of this page.