Class Actions

Active Class Actions:

Lamoureux -vs- Office de la protection du consommateur (Refunds process, consumer protection) (December 2020)

Lachaine -vs- Air Transat, Air Canada, Vacances Transat and Air Canada Vacations( following the Covid-19 pandemic (March 20th 2020), consumer protection)

Jutras -vs- Air Canada and Rouge (suspension of Boeing 737 Max, consumer protection) (May 2019)

Cases Settled:

Gosselin -vs- Loblaw inc. (Maxi – Provigo) et al. (consumer protection)

Ouimet -vs- Ville de Longueuil (contaminated water, extra-contractual liability, environment)

Comité Anti-pollution des avions – Longueuil (CAPA-L) -vs- NAV Canada et al. (environment, noise, airport)

What is a Class Action

A class action is a court case where one person (the representative) makes a request to the court on behalf of everyone who had the same problem.  They are called “members” of the class.

In the first step, the authorization, the court performs a kind of filtering to prevent abusive or frivolous requests from ending up on merit in court.

At the second stage, the court hears the substance of the dispute as in any other court case where the attorneys present their procedures as well as the supporting evidence. The court will therefore have to determine whether the allegations are founded and render a final judgment.

At the third stage, the recovery, the court generally orders the defendant to pay a lump sum which is redistributed among the members of the class.  The members of the class therefore file their claim so that they can collect the amount allocated to them.  This distribution process is specific to each action and the class member is invited to consult the notices that have been published as well as the internet link assigned to his action.

Suggest a Class Action

Do you want to suggest a class action? Please Contact Me Francis Thibault-Ménard at

If you believe you are potentially the object of reprisals in the event of a denunciation, you can contact us anonymously by Canada Post without registering a return address.


Registry of class actions (Superior Court of Québec)

Class Action Database (Canadian Bar Association)